Australian Quality Exporters Pty Ltd
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Domestic Meat Trading

Australian Quality Exporters also supplies various different retail groups and food service establishments with Australian Meat Products.  With our market knowledge we are able to offer these clients the best possible product for their needs, at highly competitive rates.
If you are purchasing the product through our company we are more than happy to do the work for you and can provide Local Area Marketing (LAM) specials where we will work in with your managers or marketing department to get the best desired overall result for your business.
If you can supply information regarding your packaging costs, tray size, etc that you are using on certain products then we can provide an easy to read spreadsheet that provides detail on the following:
  • Average labour component;
  • Cutting costs;
  • Wastage; and
  • Projected overall Gross Profit (GP) per KG.
We have extensive experience in these areas and believe that in order to stay ahead of the market and keep local Australian businesses profitable and employment stable we need to better understand our client’s needs and help service them to the best of our knowledge and abilities and in doing so maintain a strong business relationship for many years to come.

If you are interested in our domestic or importing services please contact us.

Import Trading

Australian Quality Exporters has always prided itself on supplying Australian meat into the Australian market. However, due to a record amount of live export, year on year records of processing for the export market and drought the market is currently experiencing extremely high prices and a shortage of Australian beef products within our own domestic markets.
We simply can’t compete with the export market where currently over 70% of our beef is going. It is for these very reasons that we have formed relationships with a number of New Zealand Processors so that we can maintain the supply levels of beef within our own country.
New Zealand beef is among the very best in the world, raised on the lush pastures of the North and South islands and predominantly Grass-fed it is at the Pinnacle of taste and quality for even the most discerning consumer.  With some of the most comprehensive quality assurance systems in the world and with an ever increasing footprint on a global market it is only natural that New Zealand Beef would be the best replacement for our own in a market that is currently experiencing supply issues.
We are only too happy to help with any questions that you may have in regards to New Zealand beef, whether it be regarding quality concerns, cutting specifications, pricing and even an explanation on New Zealand’s Beef Grading System which is different to our own.
Whatever the question, we will give you the answers you require so give us a call anytime and we will happily guide you through. With our extensive knowledge on New Zealand beef you can rest assured we can get the best result for your business.